Free Bumper Sticker!

Hey, Campers! We have some great news. Now you can get a free bumper sticker from Camp Codger! To get your sticker just like the one below, go to and leave a comment on a recent episode. That’s it!

This limited-edition bumper sticker, with one of our favorite mottos here at Camp Codger, is definitely not available on Amazon. Get yours by leaving a comment at Camp Codger dot com. We’ll arrange to have your sticker sent directly to you. Then, put it on your car and let the world know you are a proud Camp Codger listener!

Remember, the Camp Codger bumper sticker is free. But you have to leave a comment on our website. See you at camp!

6 comments on “Free Bumper Sticker!

  1. Beth Kean says:

    What a great adage! I appreciate your whit and humor! Thank you for creating this great blog!

  2. Judy Henry says:

    You folks are a hoot! Make your bumper stickers magnetic and I definitely would like one!

    1. Camp Codger says:

      I have some magnetic bumper sticker backing material backing and will make up a non-adhesive bumper sticker for you.

  3. Neil Walberg says:

    Loved the show. Great to reminisce on all of the old TV shows. Mr. Ed, one of my favorites.

    1. Gary Ebersole says:

      Thanks for your comment, Neil. We can’t forget those classic TV shows with clever animals like Mr. Ed, Lassie, and Rin Tin Tin. Send your mailing address to ‘’ and we’ll drop a bumper sticker in the mail.

  4. Michele Palumbo says:

    Michele Palumbo 250 Beach 17th Street Far Rockaway New York 11691 please mail to me a free bumper sticker thank you!

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