Every week, we publish another podcast episode by the old codgers. These are purely opinion pieces since we are happy to declare that we may not be experts on a subject, but we are still willing to offer our sage advice. Long or short, serious, funny, or sad, our objective is to speak from the heart about our experiences and observations of growing older. Sign up now if you want us to let you know when we have a new episode.

Seniors and Falling

Seniors and falling is a serious health issue. Falls among the elderly can cause hip fractures, hospital visits, and even deaths among older people. That’s why it’s important to...

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Advice from Sexologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz

Senior Sexuality, Mature Relationships, and Love After 60 Advice from Sexologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz. Is it normal to be a sexy senior citizen? Can mature relationships well into our...

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Improve Memory and Brain Health

Improve memory and brain health with these tips for seniors. How sharp is your memory? Do you sometimes forget things? Is your mind as sharp as it used to...

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Things We Love About Getting Old

The things we love about getting old include senior discounts, social security checks, grandkids, taking walks, and afternoon naps. A couple of weeks ago, we did a Camp Codger...

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Jimmy Buffett Tribute

A Jimmy Buffett Tribute to His Songs, Music, Parrotheads, and Margaritaville Charm. Jimmy Buffett was a singer, songwriter, and a much-loved entertainer. His stadium concerts, filled with his adoring...

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Things We Hate About Getting Old

Yes, there are some things we hate about getting old. A wise person once said, “getting old isn’t for sissies.” It’s true that there are things we hate about...

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