Bookstore Memories

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Bookstore memories animate this episode as the old codgers fondly recall their visits to bookstores. Richard and Randy remember bookstores as defining places when they were in college as well as destinations with their young families. As Camp Codger’s resident geek, Gary firmly embraced modern reading technology with the first Kindle in 2007. He finds bookstores less relevant today. Gary firmly prefers digital books over print books, but he does have many good bookstore memories. For print book lovers, the good news is that bookstores are actually enjoying a comeback as the New York Times reports.

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2 comments on “Bookstore Memories

  1. David Gilderman says:

    Thanks, Gary, et al. I forwarded this episode to my old man friend, Phil, age 86, in the UK. I turned 69 last week so I am a year away of being a full-fledged codger. Thanks to all 3 of you for your podcast…

    1. Camp Codger says:

      Thanks, David. At 69 you are still “middle-aged” (at least by boomer generation definition). Full-pledged “codgerism” is just around the corner. If youy accept it, it can actually be a good thing. Don’t “embrace” it…that’s going too far.

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