ChatGPT and Seniors

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ChatGPT and seniors drive this week’s discussion. It’s everywhere in the media and we wonder if it’s hype or if it is something people in their golden years should think about. Spoiler alert—the answer is both. It’s a compelling topic attracting boatloads of media attention and represents significant progress in the decades-long effort to move the dial in artificial intelligence. While the old codgers are not experts in this arena, they signed up for ChatGPT online accounts and put this chatbot through its paces. ‘Sydney” (the internal code name for this huge bundle of computers, data, and algorithms) always had an answer to our queries. Spoiler alert number two—they were sometimes quite wrong.

Regarding ChatGPT and seniors, we wonder if there may be more hype than reality for most senior citizens. As a chatbot, it’s very clever and can almost make you believe it’s human. Spoiler alert number three—ChatGPT is definitely not human and not really that much fun either. Don’t go to a party if this chatbot has been invited. Boring! So full of facts (most presented correctly) that ChatGPT quickly gets tedious.

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3 comments on “ChatGPT and Seniors

  1. James Kloczko says:

    Yes, it’s true, that it may simply be a tool. The big question, as always, is, whose tool is it? Gary’s comments about the potential for this thing to become a propaganda machine is right on. Just imagine a more sophisticated version of this product in the hands of Vladimir Putin.

    1. Camp Codger says:

      Vlad is precisely whom I was thinking about.

  2. jack turner says:

    (question for Sydney) Hey Sydney, Gary says it’s important to remember that you are not human but, rather, a machine. So, Sydney, why have we given you a human name, and even assigned you a gender? It didn’t work out so well when we named a distant relative of yours HAL. Why not stick with names like R2D2 and CPO3? They were good little machines. Maybe you could be CPO4.

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