Declutter Your Home with Julie Coraccio

Learn how to declutter your home with Julie Coraccio, a professional organizer.

It seems like we all have too much stuff. After decades of collecting more and more possessions, the typical house has a garage packed with possessions, closets overflowing with clothes, and tabletops covered with an assortment of stuff. If you are like most folks we know, you have more things than you need.

This week, Randy Schultz, Richard Kipling, and Gary Ebersole interview Julie Corraccio and come away loaded with tips and techniques to clean up their chaos and organize their homes. As they learned, clutter can be a problem for many people, but it can often represent a significant challenge for senior citizens who may have spent decades collecting stuff.

For years, Julie has worked as a professional organizer as well as teaching people how to clear clutter. Author of 15 books and host of the podcast Clear Your Clutter Inside and Out, she is passionate about supporting people in creating the life they choose, deserve, and desire. A special interest for her is teaching her clients eco-friendly cleaning and organizing practices.

Learn to Declutter Your Home with Julie Coraccio

One of the biggest challenges to declutter your home is the feeling that the task is so large, it seems overwhelming. Julie Coraccio offers several tips on breaking the project into smaller, more manageable pieces.

According to Julie, one of the keys is to get started on a small part of the job of decluttering. A collection of small tasks that can be completed in a few hours each is often better for most people than undertaking a huge, multi-day project. However, as she reminds us, we all have different styles. Julie suggests picking an approach that is best suited to you. (Listen to this episode for all of her tips!.)

Declutter Your Home with Julie Coraccio
Declutter: Before And After

Clutter Kryptonite

An important phase of any decluttering project is understanding how the clutter came to be. A favorite phrase Julie uses is “clutter kryptonite”, which describes our personal habits for buying things. The less we buy, the lower the opportunity to create clutter.

But we all have our own bits of clutter kryptonite. Julie confesses that she has a weakness for leopard print clothing and fabric. So, she has developed practices to ward off the urge to buy more leopard print clothing!

How can you learn to declutter your home with Julie Coraccio in your golden years? Listen to the interview with Julie to find out. Just click on the “Play Episode” triangle above.

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2 comments on “Declutter Your Home with Julie Coraccio

  1. Thanks so much for having me on, guys! I had a lot of fun and hope your viewers enjoy it. Be sure to keep me updated with your progress! Julie

    1. Camp Codger says:

      Thanks, Julie! It was a real pleasure working with you on this episode.

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