Get Your Butt Off the Couch

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Get your butt off the couch! It’s Randy’s strongly worded suggestion that exercise makes a real difference in our physical and mental health. The first step is easy—stand up and just get your butt off the couch. The old codgers describe their individual regimes for exercise as well as acknowledge that, as they have grown older, their physical limitations are beginning to constrain what they can do. The good news is there are still many paths to finding enjoyable and beneficial exercise even as we age. Gary might just try pickleball at some point.

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3 comments on “Get Your Butt Off the Couch

  1. Jack Turner says:

    On my couch waiting for Great Spirit to evolve me to “no need to exercise” status.
    Competition DOES make it a lot more fun and bearable.
    I do nature hikes more for the nature than the exercise, so it becomes more of an observational stroll than a hump to reach a destination– steps count.

    1. Bee Zollo says:

      I hear you, Jack!

  2. Jimmy Kloczko says:

    I’m catching up on old episodes, so I’m just getting to commenting about exercise. Thank you all so much for helping me remember that I’m not weak or wimpy because I can’t do what I used to do. So encouraging to hear you all say that it’s important to just get out there. Just as important for your head as it is for your body.

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