Habits of Old Folks (Part 1)

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We all believed we would never pick up on those habits that identified us as old. After all, boomers are forever young, right? Bad news, folks. We’re starting to do things that our children and grandchildren probably find utterly foreign. In this two-part episode, the old codgers confess to having some of these “old folks” habits including eating dinner at 5 pm, wearing comfy clothes, eating prunes, and fondly remembering enjoying fruit cocktail Jello.

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10 comments on “Habits of Old Folks (Part 1)

  1. Ken Ford says:

    I can so relate to this podcast and found it to be really good! The three of you did such a good job of poking fun at the golden years and bringing back those memories (and habits) that were part of our past (or future) when we were younger. By the way, my Dad was very strong and was able to tear our phone book in half. For real!

    For most of my life, I shaved every day. I even shaved in a particular way that I learned about as a young man from a senior executive from Gillette who was a good friend of the family and a neighbor. Now, however, is a different story in that I shave every other day at best. My justification is that I don’t need to shave daily while benefiting by cutting my shaving expenses in half!

    Anyways, great podcast Codgers!

    1. Gary Ebersole says:

      Thanks, Ken. You inspired me to not shave today. I just saved $0.18 and might be able to break free from the tyranny of the razor! Or not…we’ll see tomorrow morning. Richard, I did put on a clean shirt and pants today…

      1. Ken Ford says:

        I’m glad I was of service Gary. It all adds up for all of us codgers in our golden years!

    2. Richard says:

      Ken, I”m with you! Another every-other-day shaving routine benefit is at least two days without a face cut. And of course if we’re talking about saving money, wearing clothes for a couple days at a time saves washing machine use and, if anyone our age does this anymore, dry cleaning costs…

  2. Sheri Knutson says:

    Enjoyed your podcast! And being of a certain age, I definitely related with a lot of it. Keep up the good humor!

    1. Thanks, Sheri! We hope you listen every week. And please let us know if you have a topic we should cover in a future episode!

  3. Judy Henry says:

    Looking forward to more….the three of your have a good rapport, and it comes through nicely.

    1. Hi Judy! Thanks so much for listening. Please tell your friends to listen and subscribe. We want to be “the fastest growing podcast for codgers in America!”

  4. Kevin cole says:

    I think, if you call them ITALIAN prunes, younger folks will flock to them!

    1. Gary Ebersole says:

      Brilliant! I never I could be a thought leader after confessing to eating prunes. A trendsetter!

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