Ills and Pills

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Ills and pills. Sometimes it seems like it’s the number one topic of discussion at the table when a gaggle of senior citizens gathers for dinner or coffee. And it’s natural. Our aging bodies are beginning to fail us in our golden years and retirement gives us time to ponder our increasing infirmities. A game that one of the old codgers likes to play is to quietly track how long it takes during a gathering of his aging cohort before the first mention of the aches and pains of growing older. Quite often, it’s the first conversation after the usual greetings.

In this episode, Richard and Randy share their recent experiences in local hospital emergency rooms. These surprise events managed to derail a scheduled Camp Codger recording session a few weeks back. Fortunately, all is well with the guys, and we managed to pull together a replacement episode with a bit of fancy footwork. It also gave us the impetus to record our first episode on the medical issues of older people.

Listen as the old codgers regale us with the trials and tribulations of visiting the ER. They wax eloquent about the exceptional medical care they received during their unexpected journeys into the healthcare system. Richard and Randy close the episode with the thought that they need to do a better job listening to their bodies. Equally important, they need to listen to the counsel of family and friends when something doesn’t seem right.

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2 comments on “Ills and Pills

  1. Randy Schultz says:

    I enjoyed doing this episode, and I hope hearing about my recent experience in the Emergency Room and Richard’s recent medical issues was of value to our listeners. Let’s face it, getting old isn’t for sissies. But the aches and pains are the price we pay for the joys of living in our Golden Years.

  2. jack turner says:

    I had an incident this past week–as a Resister, I didn’t go to the ER–so far so good (it was pretty minor but…)–spent beaucoup hours in the ER as a caregiver for my wife–very minimum of 5 hours=–thanks for encouraging a good diet; I needed to hear that.
    (expensive way to not have to sit in the waiting room: call an ambulance)

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