Secrets to a Happy Life

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The secrets to a happy life are pretty basic as the old codgers discover. A recent book by the leaders of the long-running (84 years!) Harvard Study on Adult Development reports that one path to achieving happiness in our golden years is quite straightforward—senior citizens who have good relationships are happier. The authors lay out different practices to help develop and nurture relationships of all types. They range from long-running, intimate relationships with our life partners to casual interactions with folks we meet going about our business every day. Notably, practicing the secrets to a happy life is not difficult. Just do it. Strengthening relationships can be as simple as saying “Hi! How are you doing today.”

The guys discuss whether digital communications can help build relationships. Gary says sending emails and texting help him maintain contact with friends and family while Randy prefers plain old face-to-face and telephone conversations. However they each approach it, they all agree that relationships are core to uncovering the secrets to a happy life as we grow older. And the codgers are all committed to doing a better job with all their relationships.

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7 comments on “Secrets to a Happy Life

  1. Beth Kean says:

    As I listen to your reflections based upon the Harvard study…there is a real correlation with Meta Meditation.

    1. Gary Ebersole says:

      Thanks for listening. Yes, a definite similarity since it’s all about connecting with friends, family, and other folks in our world.

  2. Roger Smith says:

    You all did a nice job recapping and dissecting the Harvard study. As you were going through the nine points, I thought about the Desiderata, that mini tome written by an Indiana lawyer (Max Ehrmann b.1872 d.1945). It is an uplifting piece that mirrors a lot of the Harvard findings but also has a few trenchant advisories. For example, he says we should listen to others, “even to the dull and ignorant; they too have their story,” then adds: “Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.” Maybe that is why I’m happy when my phone screener works.
    By the way, Desiderata is Latin for “Things to be Desired.” The origins of the piece started to get muddy in 1959 when a preacher in Baltimore included it in a church handout which included the church’s founding date of 1692.

  3. I’ve enjoyed all your episodes with this latest giving me some introspection. Having the statistics added credibility. Your relaxed talk back and forth remind me of Car Talk! Well done. By the way, is Randy the person living in Colorado Springs? He might look into a new Independent Living complex being build near Coronado High School. Aberdeen Ridge – Ready for occupancy in July.

    1. Randy Schultz says:

      Pat– Thanks for the kind words! We are delighted that you like our show. Yes, I am the Colorado Springs guy, and I will have to check out Aberdeen Ridge. Maybe I can come by sometime and give a talk to the residents. All the best– and thanks for listening.

  4. Great topic! Funny guys! Thank you,

    1. Randy Schultz says:

      Thanks, Marcia! We try to pick topics that will educate or entertain– or both! If we can get you to laugh along the way, we’ve done our job. Please tell you friends about Camp Codger.

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