Christmas Fun with Grandkids

How to have Christmas fun with grandkids– and a year-round guide to making memories with your grandchildren from Camp Granny author, Sharon Lovejoy. Happy holiday season! We interviewed Sharon Lovejoy in the summer about her wonderful book, Camp Granny. If there’s an expert on how to have fun with kids and grandkids, it’s Sharon. She’s…

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Things We Love About Getting Old

The things we love about getting old include senior discounts, social security checks, grandkids, taking walks, and afternoon naps. A couple of weeks ago, we did a Camp Codger podcast episode about what we don’t like about getting old. It was our chance to rant a little about the aches and pains of getting older….

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Camp Granny with Sharon Lovejoy

Camp Granny: A Conversation with Author, Sharon Lovejoy. Sharon Lovejoy is a successful author, illustrator, speaker, and shop owner. But her most notable role is that of being a “granny”. She takes grandparenting to a new level, reminding us that spending quality time with your grandchildren is the best gift you can give them. Sharon…

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